Il vero “Buy Now Pay Later” per le aziende B2B

Collection in advance, insured

🤝🏻 InStore, offline even without eCommerce

You don’t sell online, but do you have an agent network in the area, or physical sales points? You will be able to offer your customers 90-day payments even offline with the Pausepay logo

PausePay products are supported by Allianz Trade[1], one of the most famous insurance companies in the world world.

Allianz trade
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Our “InStore” web dashboard is the ideal solution for large suppliers, who have direct relationships with customers through their agents.


  • Customized prices for each Buyer, respecting commercial agreements;
  • No integration required, All-in-One solution;
  • Monitoring customer eligibility, and payment status


  • Service offered only to selected large sellers;
  • Constraints to be respected on the conversion rate;
  • There is a usage fee.

Do you have an eCommerce? Visit the page Sell on your eCommerce with PausePay

How the InStore works

instore - accesso

Dedicated access Sales agents

We will provide you with a personalized panel with your Brand, giving access to your Sales Agents.
You will be able to monitor sales and conversion ratio.

Create PayLink with order details

Upload order details from a .pdf, .csv, .excel or by entering them manually. The system will extract the Buyer and cart information automatically

instore - order
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Check Buyer Eligibility

For each sale, the system calculates Eligibility and Insurance *coverage in real time. The PayLink will be created only if the Buyer is eligible, with sufficient insurance coverage.

* Thanks to Allianz Trade, all purchases made with PausePay are insured and guaranteed.

Allianz trade

Payment status monitoring

From the InStore panel, the agent will be able to see the payment status in real time, to ensure successful completion and possibly urge the Buyer to complete.


The InStore does not require integration, but if you have an eCommerce you can integrate the classic PausePay service in different ways. Discover them now.

Some Success Cases

Hilti Leader di prodotti per aziende edili e utenti professionisti.

Hilti italia spa offre il pagamento a 90 giorni con PausePay tramite la propria rete agenti e punti vendita, utilizzando la nostra soluzione InStore

Specializzati nell'attività di assistenza nel controllo di gestione, valutazione d'azienda e nei procedimenti giudiziari con consulenza tecnica

ST Consulting offre il pagamento a 90 giorni con PausePay tramite la propria rete agenti, utilizzando la nostra soluzione InStore

The Advantages for the Seller

Get your payment immediately, guaranteed and insured, eliminating the risk of insolvency.

Can have automatic Reconciliation*  of receipts and payments.

It offers an innovative payment method, with no costs or interest for buyers.

Achieves an estimated increase in online sales of +30%

No credit card “limit” limit, to therefore have higher amounts in the cart.

Enjoys the advertising that will be done by CashInvoice and the Allianz Trade Group.

It is a simple, fast and secure payment system, with validated buyers


* Servizio Plus

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What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Allianz trade

[1] – DISCLAIMER – The Service offered with the Site called PAUSEPAY is offered by CASHINVOICE Spa SB which is solely responsible for the relationship with Merchants and Customers. Allianz Trade[2] collaborates, in the insurance sector, with CASHINVOICE Spa SB which has no power to bind or act in the name and on behalf of Allianz Trade. CASHINVOICE Spa SB is solely responsible for the proper functioning of the site as well as the services offered. CASHINVOICE Spa SB has made a special Complaints Section available on the PAUSEPAY website in which Merchants and their Customers can report any disservices or critical issues.

[2] – Allianz Trade is the brand used to identify the services provided by Euler Hermes.