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Pay your online supplier in a single payment within 90 days.

Pause your payment

Pay in 90 days online, without a credit card, with  Pausepay logo

Finally you will also be able to pay your online suppliers within 90 days. In a single solution, without the constraints of the credit card limit. We are the first Italian B2B operator that allows you to do this.

Payments on PausePay are managed by the partner FlowPay, first start-up authorized by the Bank of Italy for business-to-business payments

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The approval process takes a few moments, and we advance the amount directly to the Seller. There is no reporting to the banking and financial systems.


We don’t depend on your credit card limit, so you can pay everything in one lump sum at the end, in 90 days.


The buyer pays the amount due in a single payment without any additional costs or interest.

Find out which B2B eCommerce stores you can pay in 90 days with PausePay

The Features

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Don’t burn liquidity to replenish yourself

You are used to paying your suppliers in a deferred manner, so as not to consume vital liquidity before the end of the production or sales cycle.

With us, from today you can also do it with your online suppliers*! We advance the amount to the seller.

* Subject to the admissibility of the operation and insurance coverage of Allianz Trade. All purchases made with PausePay are insured and guaranteed.

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what you need to know

Eligibility operation in seconds

Your seller will receive the amount upfront, while you will pay 90 days later. For this reason PausePay can only be used by eligible Buyers. Don’t worry, the eligibility result is calculated in real time during checkout. In a few seconds you will know if the operation is eligible.

What if it’s not eligible? You will still be able to complete the order via normal online bank transfer, not deferred.

frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

0 costs without tying up funds

The operation has no cost for the buyer. However, at the time of checkout, you must have sufficient cash availability in your account; However, this liquidity will not be tied up, and you can use it as long as it is restored by the 90th day;

what you need to know

How does it work?

I Advantages for the Buyer

Do you also want to know the advantages for the Seller? Discover them now.

You can pay deferredly, 90 days, even online just as you are used to doing offline.

Pay deferred without costs or interest. It is not a loan, we advance it directly to the seller.

You can monitor the status of purchases made with PausePay via a dedicated dashboard.

UX and easy and safe purchasing experience, constantly improving thanks also to your feedback.

Sicuro, utilizza le stesse credenziali web banking che è abituato ad utilizzare.

Non “brucia” liquidità per acquistare materie prime e merce, prima del processo produttivo.

E’ un sistema di pagamento semplice, veloce e sicuro, con venditori validati


Find out which B2B eCommerce stores you can pay in 90 days with PausePay

Use PausePay on enabled e-commerce sites

Would you like to use it with one of your suppliers?

Tell us your online supplier, we will contact them and propose to integrate PausePay into their e-commerce. Send us a message using the form below.

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What is Buy Now Pay Later?

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